Corresponding Currencies

EC-CUBE Cart Plugin

Install the PAYDER plug-in on EC-CUBE. Register your account at PAYDER and get APIkey. You can set down the orders risk fee by considering the falling risk.
The buyer will be able to select crypto currency in payment method. Up to nine kinds of coins can be selected by EC - CUBE payment method setting.
The crypto currency settlement address varies according to the order number It becomes clear who the order ordered and saves the trouble of the shop side.
The shop side is very convenient because it can check from EC - CUBE order management to the deposit of virtual currency. The crypto currency will be remitted to the WALLET of PAYDER who registered the account.

Why do not you try the latest settlement at your shop at low cost / low risk?

Use the regular version of EC-CUBE plug-in※ Only for account level 3 and above.Try EC-CUBE plugin for 30 days※ You can continue to use the regular version automatically by upgrading the account to LEVEL 3.

Payment Features

Here are some ways we can help you process payments.


Protect your coins in the vault, requiring a time amount you specify before being able to spend them.

Mobile Apps

Access your account, accept payments in person, and send coins anywhere with our mobile apps for Android and iOS.

Fiat Settlements

Only JPY goods can be paid.


It makes sure that trading and account information are secure.

Point of Sale(POS)

Simple interface for in person transactions

Multi-Coin Wallet

Optionally store your coins in our secure online wallet.