Download EC-CUBE Plugin

1. Account registration on payder
2. Shop registration on Payder
3. Download and install plugin
4. Various settings on the EC-CUBE administration screen

  ※This is limited to those with account LEVEL 3 or higher.
  ※It is limited to the person who "operates" the shopping site in Ec-cube3 and enters.
  ※ other settlement is under development

◆Corresponding EC-CUBE version 3.0.0~3.0.16◆

①Please register shop at coinwallet-payer and get API key.

② Download this plugin from this website and save it in the folder.

 ※ Please keep two kinds of API keys carefully so that they will not be known to third parties after obtaining them.

  【When updating the plug-in, if you make a mistake in the procedure you need to register the API key again. 】
 ※ Never share API keys. It will not work properly.
  【Limited to use only 1 API key for 1 WEB site】
  【When using plug-in at 2EC site, please register 2 shops by PAYDER, please use different API keys separately】

(1) We do not make any warranty on the operation, merchantability, conformity to specific uses, etc. regarding this software.

(2) We do not assume any responsibility with respect to any damage or loss arising from the impossibility of the use or use of this software by the customer or the third party, or arising in relation to the provision of this contract.
(Including but not limited to loss of lost profits, confidential information or other information, interruption of business, loss of privacy, or other financial loss)

(3) We are not responsible for any trouble with third party program plug-in by this license.