History viewpoint · How to operate

The history function of coinwallet-payder『Type · Amount · fee · Real Amount · Currency · Kind· Order Number ·Price(JPY) · Real Amount(JPY) · Completed time · Txid』,Display and record.

  ※Type = Either deposit / withdrawal
  ※Amount = COIN quantity
  ※fee = Withdrawal fee (withdrawal fee for each COIN will occur when withdrawing.)  Click here for the withdrawal fee
  ※Real Amount = ①Withdraw(Amount+fee)②Commercial Deposit(Amount-fee)③Deposit(Amount only)
  ※Currency = Coin Name
  ※Kind = ①Deposit②Commercial Deposit③Affiliate Deposit④Manual Withdraw⑤Auto Withdraw
  ※Order Number  = EC-CUBU order number for coinwallet-payder settlement
  ※Price(JPY) = ①Deposit(After confirmation completed)②Withdraw(When withdrawal is permitted)③Commercial Deposit(When an order number occurs)
  ※Real Amount(JPY) = Real Amount x Price(JPY) 
  ※Completed time = It will be displayed in year / month / day / hour/minute.
  ※Txid = You can check the current remittance status of crypto currency (Tracking code)

How to manipulate history

 ※Display period can be set by period aggregation.
 ※You can select the number of display items from 『20, 100, 500』
 ※①Deposit②Commercial Deposit③Affiliate Deposit④Manual Withdraw⑤Auto Withdraw, You can select from 5 items and narrow down display.

CSV download method of history

 Set period by period aggregation ⇒ Select the number of displayed items from 20, 100, 500 ⇒ ① Deposit ② Commercial Deposit ③ Affiliate deposit ④ Manual withdrawal ⑤ automatic withdrawal ⇒ CSV download button click ⇒ CSV will be downloaded to Excel.