Function of EC-CUBE Plugin

 Crypto currency settlement has price fluctuation, so there are risks and some think that introduction is difficult.However, in coinwallet-payment settlement, the function is equipped to eliminate anxiety.

③Please install the Payder plug-in to "Original plug-in" on the downloaded EC-CUBE. ※  EC-CUBE administration screen⇒Owner's Store ⇒ Plug-in ⇒ Plug-in list

④From the setting ⇒ 2 API inputs (obtained from coinwallet-payder) ▪ Set payment due date ▪ Order commission ▪ Order fee Please set display of fee.

【※1Payment deadline setting time】

 『Payment deadline setting』 is prepared so as not to go away from the virtual currency rate at the time of ordering.
 You can set it from at least 15 minutes and you can control the payment deadline at the shop side.
When the payment deadline expires, the 『Crypto currency charged amount』, 『Crypto virtual currency receipt address』, 『Crypto currency rate at the time of order』 are displayed as 『expired』, prepared to prevent incorrect settlement I will

Once the set deadline expires, you will not be able to pay the shop and you will have to order again from the buyer.

 This "payment deadline setting" is an optional setting on the shop side, but I think that it is not preferable for many time setting.It is because it is a function for not separating from the order rate.
 However, even if it is too short, there is no grace to pay to the buyer, there is also the possibility that willingness to use the crypto currency settlement will be lost.
 Coinwallet-Payder's recommended time is considered within 60 minutes.

【※2order receipt commission setting】

 It is structured so that the store side can set the order receipt commission from 0 to 10%.
 If 10% of the order receipt commission is set beforehand at the EC - CUBE side, you can charge 『10% plus』 for the purchaser 's item automatically.
 Besides being able to manage risk, there is a possibility that sales may increase by 10%.
 However, it is necessary to pay attention to it and it is necessary to announce beforehand that the order receipt commission will be generated to the buyer.

【※3order receipt commission display setting】

 The order receipt commission display setting is a selection setting of "YES · NO" to fill in "0 to 10% of the order receipt commission" in addition to the item of the invoice.

【Example 1 ·When there is a statement of the order receipt commission on the invoice】 
Billing amount
order receipt commission
total amount

【Example 2 ·When nothing is a statement of the order receipt commission on the invoice】
Billing amount

total amount
 It becomes the above display.The easiest way to tell the buyer is the setting of [Example 1].

 I write it many times.
When setting up order receipt commission, you need to explain the details of the order receipt commission in advance on WEB etc.