How to deposit crypto currency in coinwallet-payder's wallet

wallet ⇒ Deposit ⇒  Copy Deposit Address ⇒ You can remit money to coinwallet-payder wallet by pasting to the remittance source (outside) wallet and instructing remittance.

  ※Please make sure to copy and paste the address to prevent erroneous sending.
  ※If the external wallet has a barcode function, you can read the deposit address of coinwallet-payder by reading the QR code.

【About new deposit address creation】

 coinwallet-payder is equipped with a function to change the deposit address. Initially, the deposit address prepared by coinwallet-payder is displayed. If you want to change, you can change to a new deposit address by "New address ⇒ Click".

  ※You can change the address any number of times.
  ※You can do the following things.Current deposit address ⇒ I received a COIN ⇒  "New address ⇒ click" ⇒New deposit address different from past  ⇒Receive COIN
  ※If you creation a new deposit addresses, the past deposit address will not be displayed. Please note that past deposit address can not be used.

【How to see Deposit History】

 In the Deposit History, time, transaction ID, Amount,Fee,Type,Confirmations,State/Action are displayed.

  ※time=It will be displayed in year / month / day / hour/minute.
  ※ transaction ID=You can check the current remittance status of crypto currency (Tracking code)
  ※Amount=COIN quantity
  ※Fee=Fee for coinwallet-payder deposit is free.
  ※Type=Distinction between deposit or commercial deposit
  ※Confirmations=When the confirmation of the crypto currency is completed it will be accepted in the wallet of coinwallet-payder.
  ※State/Action=When there is a remittance instruction from outside, it becomes 『submitted』, and when confirmation of all ends, it changes automatically to 『accepted』.