How to withdraw from coinwallet-payder's wallet

【Please register withdraw address first】

 coin wallet-payder wallet ⇒ Each COIN Withdraw ⇒ Manage Address ⇒Label entry (Anything is acceptable if the destination can be identified) · Address entry (Enter the Address  that you want to Withdraw) ⇒add to


  ※There is no restriction on the number of registered addresses by address management 
     ※The address registered by address management can be used in the selection formula from the next time.
  ※The address set as the default will be displayed first from next time.


【Withdrawal operation】

 After selecting the destination address in address management ⇒ Withdraw amount input ⇒ Please check the fee ⇒ Please check Withdraw Total Amount ⇒ Google authentication system input ⇒ Click submit to complete

 ※The current State is displayed in the withdraw history
    ※The state/action progress is 『Done』 and remittance is completed.

【How to see Withdrawal History】

In the withdrawal History, time, Address, Actual Amount,Fee,Type,State/Action are displayed.


        ※time=It will be displayed in year / month / day / hour/minute.
  ※ Address=Withdrawal address
  ※Amount=COIN quantity
  ※Fee=Withdrawal fee (withdrawal fee for each COIN will occur when withdrawing.)  Click here for the withdrawal fee
  ※Type=manual withdrawal
  ※State/Action=Once there is a withdraw order, it will become 『pending』 once and enter the confirmation work of the coinwallet-payder. When confirmation of payder is completed and it dispenses from the wallet, it changes to 『Done』..
              (The coin's network may be delayed and the symptoms of the remittance account may take time.)