Fees ・ Affiliate

Fees ・ Affiliate are subject to change without notice.


Deposit FeeIncoming Deposit FeeFree
Commercial Deposit Fee1.0 %
Withdraw FeeBitcoin0.001 BTC
Ethereum0.01 ETH
Bitcoin Cash0.001 BCH
Ethereum Classic0.01 ETC
LiteCoin0.005 LTC
Ripple XRP Ledger0.8 XRP
MonaCoin0.1 MONA
Cardano3.0 ADA


By popular demand Coinwallet-payder presents our new affiliate system. By sharing your referral link any merchant who signs up after clicking it you will receive a percentage of their Coinwallet-payder transaction fees for 5 years. Also note that you cannot refer your own account to another of your own accounts.

How does it work?

1. Click Coinwallet-Payder LogIn ⇒ Help ⇒ Click Affiliate

2. You may provide the following URL or a banner to your acquaintances and friends to introduce and sign up.

3. You can open the following URL or the banner to the WEB site blog / SNS and upload it. : https://www.coinwallet-payder.com?ref=referID <- If they are logged in, the ID of the introducer is already entered!

4. When they sign up you will automatically receive 20.0% of their transaction fees in your Coinwallet-payder Wallet for 5 years.

Do you have any banners we can use?

You will see them when you login。