Coinwallet-payder News

New release : EC-Cube Plugin Ver1.0.0.


1. Account registration on payder
2. Shop registration on Payder
3. Download and install plugin
4. Setting
5. completion
  ※This is limited to those with account LEVEL 3 or higher.
  ※It is limited to the person who "operates" the shopping site in Ec-cube3 and enters.
  ※ other settlement is under development

◆Corresponding EC-CUBE version 3.0.0~3.0.16◆

①Please register shop at coinwallet-payer and get API key.

②Please download the plugin and save it in the PC folder.

③Please install the Payder plug-in to "Original plug-in" on the downloaded EC-CUBE.※ Owner's Store ⇒ Plug-in ⇒ Plug-in list

④From the setting ⇒ 2 API inputs (obtained from coinwallet-payder) ▪ Set payment due date ▪ Order commission ▪ Order fee Please set display of fee.

⑤Basic information setting ⇒ Shipping method setting ⇒ Select the Crypto currency.

⑥Once the setting is completed, you can select the virtual currency on the payment screen. CoinwalletPayder Click the settlement button to display the settlement information.

⑦When the customer clicks the settlement button, payment information is displayed. The customer sends the virtual currency to the displayed payment address, and the payment is completed

*The ordering fee (%) set in  ④ is added.

* If you set the display setting of the ordering fee set in ④ to "Yes", it will be displayed in red letters, and if you set to "Do not" the order processing fee will not be displayed. 

* The settlement address · settlement amount will be hidden after the set time of payment due date set in ④.

⑧Order management ⇒ order master ⇒ You can confirm payment from search order information.When there is payment, it changes to "payment waiting" ⇒ "payment complete".

(1) We do not make any warranty on the operation, merchantability, conformity to specific uses, etc. regarding this software.

(2) We do not assume any responsibility with respect to any damage or loss arising from the impossibility of the use or use of this software by the customer or the third party, or arising in relation to the provision of this contract.
(Including but not limited to loss of lost profits, confidential information or other information, interruption of business, loss of privacy, or other financial loss)

(3) We are not responsible for any trouble with third party program plug-in by this license.